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Solid Wood Flooring

Real Wood, Hard Wood or simply Solid Wooden flooring is the finest option a customer can select for their home/office. Solid wood flooring is constructed from one piece of hardwood timber/one wood species such as Oak, Ash, and Walnut. This ensures that that not only it looks and feels authentic but it is and nothing but good solid timber has been used. Solid wood flooring comes in either strips (3 inches wide) or planks (3 inches wide) made out of a single lumber which we offer, this ensures that no veneers are used. The beauty of the solid wood flooring is that the strips and planks are each cut from one piece of lumber, featuring tongues and grooves (tabs and slots) on their long, vertical sides that allow them to fit together.

Solid Wood flooring offers a number of advantages which other flooring options may not offer such as the fact that it is durable having a higher life style then other flooring options such as engineered wood or laminate. The ability to sand down and varnish the Hard Wood flooring several times over its lifetime this due to it being Solid wood where as a laminate or engineered wood this would not possible. The gaps are much tighter due to the micro bevel it uses.

We at Yazco Carpets have on offer a wide range of offers on Real Wood, Hard Wood and Solid Wood flooring. We have years of experience in supplying, installing and advising our customers on Solid Wood flooring. When making such an investment, you would want to deal with people who have a great in depth knowledge on everything to do with Solid Wood flooring. That's why here at Yazco Carpets we have a diverse and wide range available with a wide ranging finishes such as lacquered, oiled or an unfinished option to give the ultimate authentic wood look. We also have other styles such as a wide range of Oak designs such as rustic white Oak, European Oak, antique Oak, black Oak and in a array of shades from light to dark.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood comprises multiple layers that are glued together where the top layer is a thin vaneer of hardwood which comes in any hardwood species. Generally the top layer is made of sliced hardwood where the hardwood thickness usually measures between 0.6mm to 4.5mm. The inner core comprises either a hardwood or soft plywood material e.g. MDF which incorporates a tongue and groove jointing system. The thickness of engineered floor strops generally range from 8mm to 20mm ensuring that the customer's needs are met with the varying engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood unlike solid wood flooring is less susceptible to moisture and change in temperature as the wood expands and contracts in the width of the grain direction. The planks of engineered wood are held together using either a click system or a glued together. Hence there is no requirement for the planks to be glued to the floor making it much more flexible and easier to install as it floats in comparison to solid wood flooring.

At Yazco Carpets Ltd we offer a wide range of choices which would ensure that you are spoilt for choice on the colour and design of the engineered wood flooring. We carry all of the leading suppliers of engineered flooring having close relationship with manufacturers such as Boen, Khars, and Quickstep to name a few. Moreover, we also have close partnership with a number of contractors and have successfully worked in embassies, hotels, offices and schools.