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Vinyl Flooring & Safety Flooring

Here at Yazco Carpets we carry all the major brands in order to give a wide selection to our customers. We have different vinyl flooring styles and designs to meet every need. Vinyl flooring gives you design options, economical, hygienic and easy to clean whilst being affordable.

Vinyl flooring comes into two styles that are made from the same composition but differ in size, prepared and installed. :

  • Vinyl Sheet 
  • Vinyl Tile 
  • Vinyl Sheet
  • Felt-backed - the felt that is added to the back of the vinyl adds cushioning and strength.
  • Vinyl-backed - this is when the vinyl is glued only at the edges.

If patterned design is important then vinyl sheet offers the most selection over vinyl tile. Vinyl sheets come in rolls and are cut to match the dimension of the room, which is excellent for checkboard or diamond designs.

Types of vinyl sheets are:

Vinyl Tile

The tiles as the name suggests come in tiles which are laid on the floor one at the time using adhesive. A tile floor gives a look than a vinyl sheet where it would have few lines.